Islamic Spain And Morocco Exclusive

09 Days - 08 Nights

Tour will be in group formation but with personal guide during the tour.

Incoming: 16-12-2012 Madrid Airport, tour starts at 12 p.m.

Outcoming: 24-12-2012 Madrid Airport, tour finishes at 12 p.m.

Day 1 - 16th Dec. MADRID & TOLEDO

-Arrival at Airport at 11.00 the 16th of December

-Meals: Lunch in Toledo at 15.00 Casa Damasco - Dinner in Madrid at 19.00 Sushi Tokio.

-Sightseeing: 12.00 1.5 hour sightseeing tour in Madrid by coach-13.30 Departure from Madrid to Toledo -15.45 until 18.00 signtseeing tour in Toledo.

Arrival in Madrid meet and greet service by our local agent. We start our journey towards Toledo, to the City of Romance - Culture and Art. The city where it all began...of

the fall of the Great Vandal Empire and the rise of the immense Islamic Empire in Europe...the beginning of civilization in Eu- rope...After having enjoyed a delicious lunch we will spending our day visiting the beautiful old Moorish city and his beauti- ful surroundings...and the beautiful Islamic Heritage of Toledo were it all once began. At night special exclusive dinner ar- range in Madrid and overnight at Hotel Auditorium the largest Exclusive Hotel in Europe 4**** !

Day 2 - 17th Dec. CORDOBA

-Departure at 9.00 a.m. from Madrid to Cordoba

-Meals: Lunch at 14.30 in Cordoba Mandarin Chino- Dinner at Mandarin Chino at 19.30 .

-Sightseeing: 15.30 Torre de la Calahorra - 17.00 Mezquita y the Judería with an offical local guide. Shopping - 20.30 CasaAndalusí after dinner.

After having enjoyed our breakfast we continue our journey to the magnificent city of the Caliphate Cordoba . We start our tour in Qurtuba (Cordoba) for a stroll through the cobbled streets of this jewel city of the Middle Ages. Be spellbound by

the Mezquita, the exquisite mosque started by Abdul Rahman I and expanded by his successor. In the after- noon we visit the once dazzling city of Madinat Al-Zahra and learn how it fell to its ruins.. Enjoy a guided tour in the evening of the Jewish quarters, the old medina and the Roman bridge as we learn about Al-Zahrawi, Ibn Hazm, Ibn Rushd and Musa bin Maimun or Maimonides, a Jewish son of Islamic Spain. Immerse yourself in the his- tory of this medieval marvel. After we have checked-in at our luxurious hotel we shall start with the discovery of its illustrious history which has been home to many cultures and civilizations - Visigoth and Roman and later on for almost 800 years by the Muslims, to name a few. We shall enjoy in V.I.P style the beautiful surroundings and breath- taking views along our way while we are discovering the cultural and historical heritage of this pearl of Andalucia.

At night after having a delicious diner we shall enjoy in style the luxury life style of this stylish and historical city

at the surroundings of the “Great Mosque”.

Day 3 - 18th Dec. SEVILLE

-Departure at 9 a.m from the Hotel to Madina Azahra

-Meals: Lunch at 14.30 in Sevilla, Wan Bao, - Dinner at Wan Bao at 19.30.

-Sightseeing: 10.00 Medina Azahra 15.45 Torre de Oro - 16.00 Alcázar - 17.00 La Gi- ralda -18.00 Shopping & Leisure.

After having enjoyed a delicious breakfast we start our journey in style to the amazing beautiful capital city of Andalucia. The city of Isbiliya or Seville, the most beautiful city of Spain. The Muslims left a rich legacy in this historical city that gave birth to a culture which was the epitome of the refinement of the Moorish-Andalusian heritage. We visit what was once the main Mosque, which was demolished and replaced by a Gothic cathe- dral. However, the astounding minaret, the Giralda is still standing and is one the most awesome sight to behold. Visit the Alcazar, a castle built in the Mudejar style. Enjoy the setting of the Torre de Oro, the Golden Tower built by the Almohads on the banks of

Wadi-al-Kabir river or Guadalquivir as it is known today. We will learn about Al-Mutammid, the poet and Emir of this captivating city. We shall discover with you all the hidden secrets of this beautiful city of Islamic European heritage and all the beauty which it contains. At night we shall enjoy in style a delicious diner at the best Halal restaurants of this beautiful city to enter afterward the nightlife of this historical city .

Day 4 - 19th Dec. GRANADA

-Departure at 9 a.m. from the Hotel in Seville to Granada

-Meals: Lunch at 13.00 in Granada at FreshCo - Dinner at Macia Hotel at 20.00.

-Sightseeing: 12.00 The Cathedral outside & The Historical Coran Madrassa

-14.30 Check-in Hotel -15.00 Albaycín

-16.00 Alhambra Palace visit -18.00 El Mirador Saint Nicolas & Mosque Visit - 20.30 Hotel dinner.

In the morning after having enjoyed a delicious breakfast we start our journey towards Granada to the City of Faith and justice. Ghranata or also named Granada, a pearl at the foot of Jabal Shulayr, the Sierra Nevada mountain and the crown of Al-Andalus, the magnificent kingdom that produced astounding ar- chitecture and a rich tradition that still influences the lives of the people of present-day Andalusia. We en- joy the city of Ghranata on foot to unravel the Islamic heritage of this enchant- ing kingdom, its Arab baths, its guest houses, its markets. Today we shall visit the Alhambra Palace, the historical palace where King Abu Abdullah (The last king of Granada) handed over the keys of the city to queen Isabella and left Andalucia. This marvel of architecture, the Alhambra, the red fortress built on top of a hill and the biggest attraction in Spain. What can be said of the Alhambra. It is a fairy-tale fortress created by Muslim architects, engineers, art- ists and craftsmen who put their heart and soul, inspired by the Quran to build an exquisite abode, where the motto is “There is no Conqueror but Allah”. We explore this incredible fortress with its Quranic scripts and Arabic poetry, crowning our visit by admiring the Jannat al-Arif, the garden of paradise, now called the Gener-

alife.With its Cypress and Myrtle courtyards, amazing blossom of flowers, fountains and streams, you will be enraptured. See how light, wind and water have been utilized to create a serene and relaxing bliss.. In the even- ing after enjoying the heavenly sunset at the feet of the Saint Nicolas plaza with a breathtaking view of the Alhambra...we offer Maghreb prayers at the new Granada Mosque and walk around the old city of Albaycin, where the medieval mystique is still alive. It is a very dynamic city, offering a perfect mix of history and present-day modern life. We shall enjoy off all the beautiful and delicious things which this city has to offer.



-Departure at 8 a.m. from the Hotel to Tarifa

-Meals: Lunch in Tarifa - Dinner at `NH Hotel’ at 20.00.

-Sightseeing: 11.00 El mirador Gibraltar -12.00 Tarifa Port, cross over in Ferry to Morocco.

-Reception in the Port of Tangiers, motorway to Rabat

- Sightseeing: The Royal Palace, Kasbah Oudaya, The Tower of Hassan, Mouseleum of Mohammed V,

Check-in Hotel - Hotel dinner.

Once arrived safely in Morocco, we will visit Dar-al-Makhzen, or the Royal Palace, which is where the main government offices lie and where over 1000 people work. It was newly built in 1864, on top on the remains if the ancient palace. In the square in front of the main door or Mechouar, is where they hold the festivities to honour the King of Morocco. King Mu- hammed VI doesn’t live in the Palace itself but in Dar Es Salam on the outskirts of Rabat, which was once was the residency of his Grandfather Mohammed V.

We will also visit Kasbah Oudaya, a city within a city, once called Mehdia, it is this Kasbah that gave

Rabat its name. The Ribat is actually a strenghtened monastery, and it is here wher the Monk soldiers estab- lished themselves when they went to Spanish War. Ribat became “Ribat El Fath” or Ribat the Victorious, which become Rabat. When the muslims were banished from Al-Andalus in the 17th century, they arrived in the Kasbah and it became an independant republic of pirates from 1621 to 1647. In 1833 the Oudaya tribe captured the place and finally gave it its name of Oudaya Kasbah.

While we are in Rabat we will pass through the famous Tower of Hassan. Sultan Yacoub El Mansour in the 7th centry planned to buid the largest mosque in the muslim world after Samarra in Irak. The building work was abandoned after his death in 1199. The tower was 44.3 meters tall but didn’t reach it;s planned 60m.

With the same area is Mohammed V Mauseleum, Muhammad V and his son Moulay Abdellah and also Hassan II are buried in the royal tomb. It was built between 1961 and 1971, 400 moroccan craftsman worked on the building. The architect Eric Vo Tian designed it and is special for its clasic andalusian-arab style and morrocan crafts.

Day 6 - 21st Dec. RABAT - SETTAT -


-Departure from hotel to Marrekech, passing through Settat & Bengrir.

-Check-in Hotel Marrekech

-Sight-seeing: Afternoon visit though the historical part of the city: Mosque Koutoubia, The Bahía Palace, The Saadianas Tombs. 20.00 Evening outing to `Chez Ali’, Folklore Traditional Evening Show with dinner.

We will spend an enjoyable afternoon exploring the historical City.

The Koutoubia Mosque is the emblem and symbol of Marrakech. It is the point of reference to any lost visitor. This place of worship was built mid 12th Century by the successor of the Almohads Abdelmoumen Ben Ali, Ibn Toumert. Its name is taken from the many bookshops and manuscripts shops which used to exist against one of its walls. It can hold up to 20.000 worshipers. Its minaret is 77m tall and its interior is divied into 17 areas with fine stucco and inscriptions. Its exterior reflects the mix of simple austerity that is so true of

Almohad architecture.

The Bahia Palace is a materpeive of Moroccan arquitecture. It was built in the 14th century and as most arab palaces, has beautiful gardens and charming patios with richly decorated rooms. It was designed by El Me- kki in the name of the great Visier Ba Ahmed ben Moussa Hmad (1841-1900.) Many scenes from ‘Lawrence ofArabia’were filmed in the main patio.

The Saadian Tombs were discoverd in 1917. There are four sultans buried there as well as 62 members of the dinasty there ruled in the 16th century. It is covered with Carrera marble, mosaics and stuccos in the An- dalsí style. The most prestgious room has 12 columns.

In the evening we will enjoy an folklore traditional evening of typical morocan food, tea and entertainmente in ‘Chez Ali’ on the outskirts of Marrakesh.


-Departure from hotel to Fes, passing though Beni Mellal & Ifran.

-Visit to Khenifra Azrou ‘the rock’ and Imouzzer Kandar.

Day 8 - 23rd Dec. FEZ - MEKNES - CASABLANCA

-Meals: Lunch in an ancient palace in the old town of Fez, dinner in hotel in Casablanca.

-Sightseeing: Karaouine Mosque & The Bouanania Madrassa, then in Meknes: The Holy city of Moulay Idriss & the Granary of Moulay Ismail. In Fez we will have the honour of visiting the biggest mosque in Africa, the Karaouine. It is also the oldest univerity in the world. It would founded in 859 by a woman whose family emmgrated to Fez from Tunisia. The buid- ings are decorated with carved wood, mosaics and stucco. The university played an important role in the interaction between erudite muslims and cristians.

prayer mosque. The islamic university is a treasure of Merení architecture with mosaics and stucco decoration. We will have lunch in an ancient palace in the old Medina of Fes and then move on out of Meknes to visit. the city of Moulay Idriss. It is built on top of a hill, in the village of Moulay Idriss, it is the sacred tomb of the first imperial dinasty of Morocco. There are some amazing views of the countyside to enjoy!

The Granary of Moulay Ismail was built in the 17th century during the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail. These granaries served as shops that stored food for the city as well as hay and straw. This built has impressive di- mensions and consists of 22 arches that have 22 arches within them. The huge building has an amazing system of pipes to maintain the food cool, as well as 7 m thick walls!

Day 9 - 24th Dec. CASABLANCA - Departure

-Meals: Lunch in a restaurant in the city centre.

-Sightseeing: Hassan II Mosque ( `Asr prayer), city centre.

-Departure to Mohammed V airport.

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