The Greatest Journey - Hajj

Departure from South Africa

Upon arrival at Oliver R. Thambo International Airport, Hajees are requested to proceed to the Respective Airline counter for check in formalities with the assistance of Umra Tours & Nuri’s Travel ground staff. Please ensure that all documents such as passports, airline-tickets & vaccination cards are kept safely in your travel wallet. Please ensure that you carry a photocopy of your passport and marriage certificate with you. Large groups (6 and 5weeks) will be accompanied by our tour leader. Upon receipt of your boarding pass, you may bid your family farewell and proceed to the Immigration Counter to embark on your sacred journey.

Arrival in Saudi Arabia


Upon Arrival in Jeddah, Hajees will be met By Muasasah & Sahuc officials who will assist with transport for departures to Madina-Munawwarah. Hajees Passports will be taken in by Muasasah Officials for the Duration of the entire Journey. Due to Muasasah formalities, delays could be expected.



Upon arrival in Madinah, Hajees will be met by Muassasah and Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel Guide who will assist with transfers to hotels. Hajees’ passports will be taken in by Muassasah Officials for the duration of the entire journey.

NOTE: Do not leave any money or documents that you may require in your passports.

Check in Madinah al-Munawwarah

On arrival at hotel, all Hajees will be checked into rooms accordingly. For 6 week departures, accommodation in Madinah will be for a duration of 9 nights (10 days) on a Bed and Breakfast basis/or hb pending package chosen. Once settled in at the hotel, Hajees will be escorted to Masjidun-Nabawi for Tahawayat Masjid 2 Rakaah and to remder salaam to our Beloved Prophet SAW . Arrangements for females will be made. Kindly refer to the notice board in the Reception foyer and to the Sms and BB messages sent . All airline tickets are to be handed to Guide..

Stay in Madinah al-Munawwarah

During Your stay in Madinah al-Munawwarah, ziyaarats and lectures will be arranged. Notices to be placed in Reception Foyer.and bb and sms sent out .A Representative will be available and at your service for the duration of your stay. 2 days prior to departure a Umra orientation evening is done to prepare you for your Umra . On the last day of your stay, Hajees will board a coach in Ehraam and depart for the Holy Land of Makkah al-Mukarramah on a journey lasting approximately 6 to 7 hours.

Arrival in Makkah al-Mukarramah

Upon arrival in Makkah al-Mukaramah, Hajees will be welcomed by Muassasah Officials who will escort you together with Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel representatives to your respective hotels. A brown Card will be handed to Hajees by the Muassasah which is an acknowledgement of the Hajee’s passport. This card should be handed to Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel representatives with names for an I.D. to be issued. Hajees will be checked in their respective hotels and will be advised by Ulamaa on Umrah procedures.

Stay In Makkah al-Mukarramah

During ones stay in Makkah al-Mukarramah, lectures and Ziyaarats will be arranged. Notices will be placed in the reception foyer.and advised by bb service or sms. Day trips To Jabal Noor and Jeddah will be arranged. And advise in your itneery as well .

Spiritual guides and Representatives will be available and at your service for the duration of your stay.

Option : Not to move to Aziziah or Stay Full at same Hotel in Makkah or move to a different Standard Hotel.

Movement to Azizia

Prior to departure to Azizia, a meeting will be held on the procedure of movement to Azizia. Luggage will be transported two days prior to departure. Room listings for Azizia will be placed in the Reception Foyer. Hajees will mark their luggage according to the room numbers allocated. A coach will be arranged for transfer .

Stay in Azizia

During Ones stay in Azizia, lectures on Hajj will be held on a daily basis and questions and answer scessions , Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel Spiritual Guides and Ulema will advise you on procedures and co-ordination of the 5 days of Hajj.

5 Days of Hajj

1st Day - 8th Dhul Hijjah - MINA

The eight of Dhul Hijjah is known as YAWM-UT-TARWIYYAH. After Fajr Salaah, Hajees will proceed in Ihraam to Mina. The entire day and night will be spent in Mina. Dhuhr, `Asr, Maghrib and `Esha salaah will be performed in Jamaah at the camp. Hajees should constantly recite the Talbiyyah ( Labbaik ). One should constantly repent for ones past sins.

2nd Day - 9th Dhul Hijjah - ARAFAAT/MUZDALLIFAH

After Fajr Salah, Hajees will be directed to their respective coaches and proceed to Arafaat. Hajees should constantly recite Talbiyyah. On arrival in Arafaat, one should rest, as Wuqoof in Arafaat begins after Zawaal. One should take full opportunity of engaging in `Ibadat and asking Allah for forgiveness.

It is Waajib to be in Arafaat until sunset. Dhuhr and `Asr will be performed in Jamaat. After `Asr Salaah, a collective du’aa by Ulama will be read. Maghrib Salaah will not be read in Arafaat.

Note : Delays in Traffic could be expected.

2nd Night - 9th Dhul Hijjah - MUZDALlIFAH

After sunset, Hajees will proceed to Muzdallifah. On arrival in Muzdallifah, Maghrib and `Eshaa should be combined. One should wait for `Eshaa time to set in. Adhaan should be given, thereafter Taqbeer for Maghrib Salaah should be made. After Maghrib salaah is performed, the Fardh of `Eshaa should immediately be performed. Hajees will spend the entire night till Fajr in Muzdallifah. For those following the Shaaf’ii madhab, departure may be carried out after midnight. A total number of 49 pebbles to be collected in Muzdallifah.

Note : Delays in traffic could be expected No tents or camps will be found in Muzdallifah.

3rd Day - 10 Dhul Hijjah - MINA

Before sunrise ( after Fajr ) Hajees will proceed to Mina. On Arrival in Mina, Hajees should proceed to their camps. Hajees should await the given time by the Ministry of Hajj on pelting. Hajees should leave all belongings and valuables at the camp before proceeding to the Jamarat. Once pelted, Hajees should proceed to the azizia and inform Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel representatives that pelting has been completed. Representatives at the abattoir will be informed and will proceed with your Dham- Udhiyyah. Hajees may leave Mina for Azizia. On arrival in Azizia, a representative will be present.

One should verify if ones Udhiyyah and Qurbaani has been completed. Once the Hajee has acknowledged the completion of the Udhiyyah and Qurbaani, the Hajee should remove ( male ) the hair and exit from the state of Ihraam.

Note : Only 1 Jamarat ( 7 Pebbles ) to be pelted on this day

Tawaaf - e - Ziyarat

Hajees may proceed to Masjid-ul- Haaram in Makkah to perform Tawaaf and Safa- Marwa in normal garments ( Thobe & Abayah ). Hajees will do the above individually. Transport will not be arranged by Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel. Once completed, the Hajee should proceed to Mina. Tawaf- e- Ziyarat may be done on the 10th/11th/12th of Dhul Hijjah. Tawaaf done on the 12th should be completed before Maghrib salaah.

4th Day - 11 Dhul Hijjah - MINA

Hajees will perform Salaah and Tilaawat. Lectures will be given. Groups for pelting will be arranged after Dhuhr. Hajees will spend the day and night on the 11th Dhul Hijjah.

Note: All 3 Jamarats to be pelted on this day.

5th Day – 12Dhul Hijjah - MINA

After Dhuhr Salaah, groups will be arranged for pelting. Once the pelting has been completed, Hajees may collect all belongings from the camp and proceed to Azizia.

Hajees have the option of spending one more extra night in Medina please notify your Guide in advance .

Hajj Mabruur

Services provided during the 5 Days of Hajj:

  • Meals & Refreshments
  • Lectures and Guidance
  • Private transport Mina / Arafat / Muzdalifah / Mina for special service group
  • Shuttle service by Muassasah Mina / Muzdalifah / Mina - No Special Services
  • Group Pelting
  • Departures to South Africa

    Manifest will be placed in the Reception foyer. Kindly hand I.D Cards accordingly to manifest for Passports to be dispatched from the Muassasah Office. Transport will be arranged to Jeddah for departures to South Africa.